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Customizing the WordPress Install Process with install.php

No more "This is your first post!"

I came across a super interesting post at WPBits about [automating the wordpress installation][1] process.  Some of the parts about where some of the functions are located in WP that allow you to change certain things on the installation are outdated since the post is from 2007, but the concept remains perfectly intact.  If you find […]

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How to Find any Facebook ID

Tracking down an open graph ID from Facebook's URL

Sometimes when using WordPress plugins you sometimes need to provide a facebook ID number. If the facebook URL you are looking at is using a username instead of an ID number it isn’t inherently obvious how to find that profile’s ID number.  You can go into a photo album and it might appear as part […]

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Joking About Github

@Kathy_Darling playing around in linux mint again. fixed my super key. testing launchers (Do, synapse + kupfer). installing rabbitVCS… looking for git @PaulBRobinson my sister just said she can point you to several gits… lol @Kathy_Darling lol indeed. and if several gits are congregating together that’d make them a github @PaulBRobinson that has to be […]

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