Add a Repeating Text Field to Options Framework Plugin

Create a Custom Option Type

Options framework repeating field showing several text inputs and an "Add" button

I don’t hardly even know why I was working on this today.  Well a friend wanted to be able to control the radio buttons in a metabox, from the backend (since the otherwise brilliant WP-Alchemy is all dev-level coding) and for some reason  my brain went to theme option.  He ultimately went a different route […]

Absolute PHP Basics for WordPress Newbs

Programming Concepts You'll Need to Succeed with WordPress Theme Development

“I’m just a designer. I’m comfortable with CSS but PHP scares me.” Yeah ok, well first off, if you are a designer…. instead of banging your head into a wall to learn a coding language, why not hire a developer? Some of my best clients have been designers. It is kind of a win, win. […]