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A Newbie’s Guide to WordPress Hooks and Functions

When people start wanting to customize WordPress, specifically a theme like Thematic, or a plugin like WooCommerce, I always see questions like: How do I add “something”, “somewhere”? or How do I remove “something” from “somewhere”? or How do I change “something”? At first it is easy to think that adding a div to the…

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KIA Subtitle

Recently I was working on a project and needed a subtitle. There are probably two subtitle plugins already in existence. I happened to pick The Subtitle by Luc Princen, which worked pretty much as intended except the actually input box wasn’t always where it was supposed to be and I found that admin notices seemed…

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Thematic 1.0.1 Upgrade

After a long wait, Thematic 1.0.1 has been live in the WordPress repositories now for a couple of days now! And some issues are starting to crop up in the forum. So far the most recurring issues have to do with the menus. Oh menus, you never cease to cause trouble. The problem is that…

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Create an Alphabetical Glossary of Posts in WordPress

Once up a time i did a client project where i had to have archives organized alphabetically.   I ended up accomplishing by adding a query variable and targeting the posts_where filter.  However, in answering a recent question at WordPress Stack Exchange I decided that it might be neater to create a hidden taxonomy instead.  I…

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