Kathy is Awesome

Creating e-commerce solutions using WordPress and WooCommerce
to help your business grow and make your life easier.

Awesome Plugins

We write finely crafted code with an eye towards usability and back it up with awesome 5 star ★★★★★ customer support. (Our customers’ words – seriously! Check our reviews!).

See a featured selection of our work below, or view all plugins here.

  • A 100% off coupon with text "Free Gift Coupons"
    WooCommerce Free Gift Coupons

    Reward your customers with a bonus item or encourage higher spending by offering a free gift with a custom coupon code.

  • Two interlocking cubes with text "Mix and Match Products"
    WooCommerce Mix and Match

    Help customers buy more of your products by building mix-and-match bulk packs of the products they love (without the ones they don’t need).

  • WooCommerce Name Your Price

    Drive sales, collect donations, take bill payment online, or democratize access to your products by allowing customers to name their own price – within your parameters.

More About Kathy

Why’s Kathy awesome? She’s a WooCommerce specialist and a USA Women’s National Team Handball athlete who competes internationally. She builds premium plugins and delivers awesome customer support while globetrotting, working out, and cooking/eating as much delicious food as possible.

Awesome News

Part-Time Customer Support Agent

Who We Are At Kathy Is Awesome, Kathy Darling creates plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce that are simple, straightforward, and overall awesome solutions. Her customer support is described by users as “amazing,” “impressive,” “super responsive and helpful,” and “very excellent.” So, like we said: awesome! Who You Are You are a patient, empathetic problem solver…

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Three Reasons to Let Customers Name Their Price

Since I developed the WooCommerce Name Your Price plugin back in 2012, entrepreneurs have used it to sell all kinds of products all around the world! But over the years, one question I’ve gotten about my plugin is why a business would ever let a customer decide what to pay! I’m also a business owner,…

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WooCommerce Name Your Price – What’s New in 3.0

WooCommerce Name Your Price version 3.0 features a total rewrite of the front-end validation scripts. We’ve streamlined the user experience, improved function for hidden minimum prices, provided accessibility for users of screen readers, and the same reliable compatibility with a broad range of product types and plugins.

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Add Custom Fields to WordPress Menu Items

First a little backstory A WordPress commit that I am personally very excited to finally see get merged into core is the addition of a wp_nav_menu_item_custom_fields hook! https://make.wordpress.org/core/2020/02/25/wordpress-5-4-introduces-new-hooks-to-add-custom-fields-to-menu-items/ As the author of the Nav Menu Roles plugin, I’ve needed to display custom fields on menu items. But in the admin, the menu items are displayed…

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