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Creating e-commerce solutions using WordPress and WooCommerce to help your business grow and make your life easier.

Awesome Plugins

We write finely crafted code with an eye towards usability and back it up with awesome 5 star ★★★★★ customer support. (Our customers’ words – seriously! Check our reviews!).

See a featured selection of our work below, or view all plugins here.

  • A 100% off coupon with text "Free Gift Coupons"
    WooCommerce Free Gift Coupons

    Reward your customers with a bonus item or encourage higher spending by offering a free gift with a custom coupon code.

  • Two interlocking cubes with text "Mix and Match Products"
    WooCommerce Mix and Match

    Help customers buy more of your products by building mix-and-match bulk packs of the products they love (without the ones they don’t need).

  • WooCommerce Name Your Price
    WooCommerce Name Your Price

    Drive sales, collect donations, take bill payment online, or democratize access to your products by allowing customers to name their own price – within your parameters.

More About Kathy

Why’s Kathy awesome? She’s a WooCommerce specialist and a USA Women’s National Team Handball athlete who competes internationally. She builds premium plugins and delivers awesome customer support while globetrotting, working out, and cooking/eating as much delicious food as possible.

Awesome News

Extending WooCommerce Product REST API Responses

WooCommerce supports many core properties when fetching a product via the REST API. In this tutorial, we’ll explore three code snippets that extend WooCommerce product responses, allowing for the retrieval and updating of custom fields and metadata. 1. Adding Custom Fields to Product Schema The first snippet focuses on modifying the product schema, defining additional…

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Add Custom Meta Fields to WooCommerce Variations

WooCommerce offers a robust platform for building and managing online stores, and one of its powerful features is product variations. Variations allow you to offer different versions of a product, such as varying sizes, colors, or other attributes. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to extend WooCommerce variations by adding custom information specific to…

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Add BCC to WooCommerce Emails

Sometimes you need to send WooCommerce emails to more people than you can do via the main plugin settings. Or, you need to quietly BCC somebody, like a vendor, etc. You can achieve that by modifying the email headers on the woocommerce_email_headers filter. To achieve this you can add the following snippet to your theme’s…

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