Custom WordPress and WooCommerce Development

Part Time Customer Support Agent

Who We Are

At Kathy Is Awesome, Kathy Darling creates plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce that are simple, straightforward, and overall awesome solutions. Her customer support is described by users as “amazing,” “impressive,” “super responsive and helpful,” and “very excellent.” So, like we said: awesome!

Who You Are

You are a patient, empathetic problem solver with an inquisitive nature and great communication skills. You can’t wait to deliver awesome support!

  • Patient and empathetic: you listen well and are motivated to help others
  • Inquisitive problem solver: you’re able to deduce what customers are asking. You ask good questions to elicit the information you need to assess a situation. You’re excited to tackle new challenges.
  • Excellent communicator: you have the ability to speak to both novice and advanced users of Kathy Is Awesome plugins, also sharing updates with Kathy to escalate and report issues as necessary.

What You’d Do

Kathy’s support agent will serve as the first line of support for users of Kathy Is Awesome plugins, filtering support tickets and responding to them as needed.

  • Read and respond to support tickets: asking any necessary follow-up questions to see the full scope of the issue in order to resolve it.
  • Diagnose and recommend solutions: using each plugin’s documentation and working knowledge of the code.
  • Recognize and adhere to thresholds of support: sometimes it takes a little extra to solve a customer’s issue. We regularly go the “extra mile” to make customers happy, but you will need to assess when the fix crosses over in to the purview of commissioned projects (e.g. extended custom code or to accelerate the development of a feature in the next version of the plugin). 
  • Maintain support documentation: offer valuable feedback from the front lines of customer interaction to inform support documentation for Kathy is Awesome plugins. You will create new documentation as needed.

Your Qualifications

  • Proficiency in at least one programming language: HTML + CSS; PHP + JavaScript/JQuery.
  • Working knowledge of WordPress and WooCommerce. Ideally, on day one, you’d have no problem customizing a theme. 
    • Extra eye-catching candidates will have:
      •  a working knowledge and ability to do some customization by way of action hooks and filters.
      • Experience customizing plugins and the ability to transfer those skills, apply that ability to Kathy Is Awesome plugin products

Brass Tacks

Kathy’s assistant in awesome support will work ~20 hours per week, earning $20-35 per hour commensurate with experience and qualifications, ability to complete commissioned code projects.


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