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WooCommerce Plugins

  • A 100% off coupon with text "Free Gift Coupons"
    WooCommerce Free Gift Coupons

    Reward your customers with a bonus item or encourage higher spending by offering a free gift with a custom coupon code.

  • Two interlocking cubes with text "Mix and Match Products"
    WooCommerce Mix and Match

    Help customers buy more of your products by building mix-and-match bulk packs of the products they love (without the ones they don’t need).

  • WooCommerce Name Your Price
    WooCommerce Name Your Price

    Drive sales, collect donations, take bill payment online, or democratize access to your products by allowing customers to name their own price – within your parameters.

WordPress Plugins

  • Nav Menu Roles
    Nav Menu Roles

    Show menu links based on user roles. Ideal for membership style sites where you might need to change the menu based on who is viewing the site.

  • Radio Buttons for Taxonomies
    Radio Buttons for Taxonomies

    Replace the default taxonomy boxes with a custom metabox that uses radio buttons… effectively limiting each post to a single term in that taxonomy.

  • Simple User Listing
    Simple User Listing

    Display a customizable list of your site’s users or any subset of users.

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