Create WooCommerce Multicheck Form Field

I’ve expanded on the code I posted in my tutorial on how to customize the WooCommerce Checkout.

First you need to register the new checkout fields. This is where I’ve added a current_user_can() to test if the current user has the appropriate capabilities to see these extra fields. I’m using the manage_options capability because it was easier for me to test.

You will note that I’ve done something different with your “Fan Stopped”, etc checkboxes. You don’t have to do this, but I was curious and procrastinating. WooCommerce doesn’t support a multi-check set of checkboxes, but it does support defining your own custom field types. So with the following we create a new type of form field:

Next we display the new fields on the checkout page…. but only if they exist, because harkening back to the first code block, they won’t be in the checkout fields array if the user doesn’t have the right permissions.

Now you’ll probably need to add some CSS to make this look better, and you need a way to save the multicheck data. You can review my tutorial on how to save the rest, and perhaps figure out the multicheck on your own.

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