Part-Time Customer Support Agent

A yellow annulus and blue circle in the background. Text reads "I'm Hiring! Support Engineer. Part time technical support for premium WooCommerce plugins.

Who We Are At Kathy Is Awesome, Kathy Darling creates plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce that are simple, straightforward, and overall awesome solutions. Her customer support is described by users as “amazing,” “impressive,” “super responsive and helpful,” and “very excellent.” So, like we said: awesome! Who You Are You are a patient, empathetic problem solver […]

WooCommerce Name Your Price – What’s New in 3.0

Subtle Changes Make Big Improvement

WooCommerce Name Your Price version 3.0 features a total rewrite of the front-end validation scripts. We’ve streamlined the user experience, improved function for hidden minimum prices, provided accessibility for users of screen readers, and the same reliable compatibility with a broad range of product types and plugins.

Add Custom Fields to WordPress Menu Items

A minimal working example of how to use the `wp_nav_menu_item_custom_fields` hook

First a little backstory A WordPress commit that I am personally very excited to finally see get merged into core is the addition of a wp_nav_menu_item_custom_fields hook! As the author of the Nav Menu Roles plugin, I’ve needed to display custom fields on menu items. But in the admin, the menu items are displayed by […]

How to Add a Customizable Field to a WooCommerce Product

UPDATED 9/29/2019: Noticed some code typos and updated some of the display sections for compatibility with WooCommmerce 3.7. In this WooCommerce tutorial I will be showing you how to add a custom field to the front-end of a WooCommerce product. We’ll be adding a text input that a customer could use to enter some special […]