Extending WooCommerce Product REST API Responses

WooCommerce supports many core properties when fetching a product via the REST API. In this tutorial, we’ll explore three code snippets that extend WooCommerce product responses, allowing for the retrieval and updating of custom fields and metadata. 1. Adding Custom Fields to Product Schema The first snippet focuses on modifying the product schema, defining additional […]

Add Custom Meta Fields to WooCommerce Variations

WooCommerce offers a robust platform for building and managing online stores, and one of its powerful features is product variations. Variations allow you to offer different versions of a product, such as varying sizes, colors, or other attributes. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to extend WooCommerce variations by adding custom information specific to […]

Add BCC to WooCommerce Emails

Sometimes you need to send WooCommerce emails to more people than you can do via the main plugin settings. Or, you need to quietly BCC somebody, like a vendor, etc. You can achieve that by modifying the email headers on the woocommerce_email_headers filter. To achieve this you can add the following snippet to your theme’s […]